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Nothing is worse than solutions without a problem that don't actually work as designed. Near-field Communications (NFC) is one of those promises of mobile technology that never actually achieved what it set out to do, and it doesn't actually improve on the experience it was meant to replace.

Put a thick case on your smartphone, and NFC data transfer doesn't work. Update your Android, NFC doesn't work. Have your settings wrong, and NFC doesn't work. Attempt to transfer anything between different mobile platforms, NFC doesn't work.

Try to use an e-wallet standard at a store that uses a different one, NFC doesn't work.

"We don't support Apple Pay"

"We don't support Google Wallet"

"We didn't enable the terminals for this yet, even though we've had them installed for a year"

"Oh, sorry. We have our own app. You should sign up for it and get rewards!"

Why is this preferable to using a credit card, exactly?

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