3D Game O’ by Sandio, the world’s first 3D gaming mouse

3D Game O

This gadget, launched during CES 2007, adds the third dimension navigation to the regular mouse. In addition, you can rotate the virtual objects using the lateral buttons. Now, when you play a first person shooter you can eat or do whatever you want with the other hand because the 3D Game O’ offers gamers a way to move forward, backward and sideways and jump, crouch, pitch, yaw, and roll without using the keyboard.

Sandio is announcing that the mouse will support Second Life from Linden Lab and Virtual Earth from Microsoft. For Second Life, 3D Game O’ provides new customizable buttons and easy camera adjustment. In Virtual Earth you can navigate without using the on-screen tab.

You canbuy the 3D Game O’ on Sandio website for $79.99 or under the VisionTek XG6 brand at the traditional consumer electronics retailers.

(We already published about it, but I saw it live at GDC and had a demo by Sandio CEO.)

More info on the press release.

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