Dark Souls 2 Will Not Be Easier Than Its Predecessor


Dark Souls, a very popular RPG adventure game, came out back in 2011. The game was difficult, to say the least, and that is exactly why so many player loved it. There has been much talk recently about Dark Souls 2, which has been confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but no definite release date was revealed. It was said that the second Dark Souls game would be molded in a much more “approachable form.” The game’s director, Yui Tanimura, has clarified that they’ll not be making the game any easier than its predecessor.

Apologizing for using the word ‘accessible’ so casually, Yui says that by “making it more accessible”, they meant that they would streamline away all of the tediousness, cut away all the fat to deliver players a pure challenging experience. Their goal isn’t to make Dark Souls 2 more difficult than the original game, the ultimate goal is to provide players a more rewarding experience. Obviously they can’t predict what players will perceive of the difficulty, whether they would call it more or less difficult than before, Yui says that Dark Souls 2 will try to maintain the experience this franchise is known for.

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