Nintendo Switch Owners In Japan Are Reporting Warped Consoles

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The dock of the Nintendo Switch is meant to house the console when playing at home, recharging it (and the Joy-Cons), and also to let it hook up to a TV. With the dock performing so many functions, you would think that Nintendo would have designed it better, but ever since its launch we have heard reports of how the dock is scratching the display and also how it is warping the console.

However given that it has been a few months since the Switch was released, you would think that Nintendo would have tried to address the issue, like maybe change the material of the Switch to prevent it from warping, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Reports out of NeoGAF (via Kotaku), Twitter, and Reddit have owners in Japan who are reporting that their consoles are warping too.

For those unfamiliar with the issue, basically because of how the gap between the dock and console is so narrow, heat is unable to escape properly, which means that the console only gets hotter the more you use it, which in turn leads to it warping. We suppose at the moment the only fix would be to play it in a cold room or blast a fan towards it, or alternatively turn to the use of third-party docks which seems to have been designed much better.

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