The Sims Speedrunners Find A Disturbing New Thing To Race Against

Speedrunning is seen as something of a sport in video games, where gamers try to complete a game or an objective as quickly as possible, whether it be to finish an entire game from start to end, or to down a boss as quickly as possible, and so on. However speedrunners of The Sims have found something new, slightly disturbing, but slightly humorous to race against.

Yup, it seems that speedrunners for The Sims are now racing to see who can get their baby taken away by the in-game Child Protective Services (CPS) the quickest. The “rules” of the challenge requires users to meet another sim, get impregnated, have the baby, and have the baby taken away by CPS. So far the current record is held by SimplySeze who managed it in around fifteen and a half minutes.

So far it seems that the trick involves getting your sim to sleep as much as possible which helps fast forward the game. However it is also tricky because you have to take care of your sim’s needs while they are sleeping. According to SimplySeze, “I almost had a sim die of fun deprivation in a speedrun yesterday because I wasn’t paying attention to their needs.”

In any case if you’re curious (and if you think you can do better), check out SimplySeze’s speedrun in the video above.

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