Samsung Flash Memory Announcements

At Samsung’s Tech Day in their San Jose, CA headquarters and at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit, the company laid out a number of new products and initiatives.  These products spanned from the world’s largest announced SSD (128 TB) using its 5th generation V-NAND chips, to a new small form factor SSD, to its Z-NAND products geared to high performance storage class memory and a Key Value SSD.  Samsung says that “These solutions will be at the forefront of enabling today’s most data-intensive tasks such as high-performance computing, machine learning, real-time analytics and parallel computing.”

Samsung’s latest V-NAND chip is a a 1Tb V-NAND chip that it expects to be available next year.  The arrival of a 1Tb V-NAND chip next year will enable 2TB of memory in a single V-NAND package by stacking 16 1Tb dies and will represent one of the most important memory advances of the past decade. Using 32-die stack of 1 Tb QLC NAND the company was showing a 2.5” form factor 128 TB SSD.

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Tom Coughlin at 2017 FMS

Samsung is also sampling the industry’s first 16-terabyte (TB) NGSFF SSD, which is intended to dramatically improve the memory storage capacity and IOPS (input/output operations per second) of today’s 1U rack servers. Measuring 30.5mm x 110mm x 4.38mm, the Samsung NGSFF SSD provides hyper-scale data center servers with substantially improved space utilization and scaling options. Samsung will begin mass producing these SSDs in the fourth quarter of this year.

Utilizing the new NGSFF drive instead of M.2 drives in a 1U server can increase the storage capacity of the system by four times. To highlight the advantages, Samsung demonstrated a reference server system that delivers 576TB in a 1U rack, using 36 16TB NGSFF SSDs. The 1U reference system can process about 10 million random read IOPS, which triples the IOPS performance of a 1U server equipped with 2.5-inch SSDs. A petabyte capacity can be achieved using only two of the 576TB systems.

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Tom Coughlin at 2017 FMS

Samsung Next Generation Small Form Factor SSD

Samsung introduced its Z-SSD technology at FMS 2016. In 2017 it announced its first product, the SZ98 Z-SSD. The Z-SSD is intended for data centers and enterprise systems dealing with extremely large, data-intensive tasks such as real-time “big data” analytics and high-performance server caching. Samsung says that it is collaborating with several of its customers on integrating the Z-SSD in upcoming applications. The product will have 15 microseconds of read latency, which is approximately a seventh of the read latency of an NVMe SSD. Samsung says that at the application level, the use of Samsung’s Z-SSDs can reduce system response time by up to 12 times, compared to using NVMe SSDs.

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Tom Coughlin at 2017 FMS

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