What’s New in Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce has come out with a next-generation set of tools for its Service Cloud that’ll be available to customers this week.

According to Salesforce, the new Service Cloud will come with many customization choices, an interactive learning platform and support for iOS and Android.

Out of these, the interactive learning platform called the Trailhead, is a much anticipated addition. It allows you to deploy all kinds of applications on the cloud and at the same time, makes it easy for you to customize it based on your requirements.

This is a much-needed addition because Salesforce created Service Cloud with the primary intent to provide personalized experience through a multitude of channels. The aim was to cater to consumer demand through a fast and personalized service.

Currently, not many companies are in a position to offer such a personalized service to customers, mainly because they’re grappling with legacy systems that can’t be scaled or improved in any way. In the case of smaller companies, setting up a contact center and providing top customer support is simply out of question considering their relatively small budgets.

For both these companies, Service Cloud is the answer. Built on the Salesforce Lightning component-based framework, this product can quickly adapt to the changes of customers, so their demands and expectations can be met instantly. At the same time, they can provide differentiated service to different target customers, and within it too, personalize these services to cater to individual customers.

Besides Trailhead, the new version would make it easier for customers to build a complete data center within just a single day. It’s pre-built case management system and setup helps organization of any size to have an entire contact center ready with just a few clicks. It even allows you to create and manage social media channels and a vibrant customer community.

It even gives an opportunity for its clients to extend Service Cloud and customize it through AppExchange and Lightning App Builder. In fact, the App Builder allows you to drag and drop different Lightning components to create the system you want. With more than 75 partners apps, you can get pretty much anything from IoT tracking to knowledge sidebar.

All these features is expected to give a big boost to the adoption rate of Service Cloud. From Salesforce’s perspective, this is a good move considering the intense competition that’s happening in the area of cloud services. It may even give it a much-needed boost in the cloud computing niche.

None of these new features require any additional cost, so it could sure increase the adoption rate.


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