Ecommerce & Entrepreneurial Insights: Audience Survey Results for 2017

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. Many of us start businesses on our own without the help of partners, mentors, instructors or teachers and we fight our own way through the hustle and grind that it takes to get a business up and running.

Everyone who’s started their own business knows that it’s not easy, and when you’re pursuing the journey alone it can seem even more difficult because you may not have connections to reach out to, mentors to guide you and other entrepreneurs to share experiences with. It’s hard to start something and it’s hard to even know what it takes to build a business when you’ve never built one before or when you think you’re not ready. Take us for example: we’ve literally started from the bottom and grown into where we are now, what we like to call A Better, Better Lemonade Stand. We get it.

If you’re signed up to our weekly email newsletter you may recall that we sent out our annual survey a few weeks ago to get some general feedback and further insight into our audience. Since hundreds of you responded, we thought we’d share some of our findings so we can all get a glimpse into other people’s journeys and see where we’re all at.

With these insights you can get a glimpse into what others are doing, what they’re focusing their time and money into and just some general insight into what the entrepreneurs around you are up to. It can be difficult to measure progress when you have nothing to compare it to, so we thought this information could serve as a realistic benchmark for how others are getting through their hustle.

It’s true that entrepreneurship can be lonely but when you go through the information in this post you’ll be able to recognize that you’re not alone: other entrepreneurs have struggles, other entrepreneurs are hustling and grinding too. Other entrepreneurs are bootstrapping their business, growing their business, building their revenue streams, implementing new systems or haven’t even started yet but want to start. You’re not alone, and we hope this post can help demonstrate that and create some realistic measurements for you to benchmark your own progress against whether you’re at the stage of building, launching or growing your own ecommerce business. Let’s jump into it.

It’s true that entrepreneurship can be lonely but when you go through the information in this post you’ll be able to recognize that you’re not alone: other entrepreneurs have struggles, other entrepreneurs are hustling and grinding too.

Initial Information

First, just some initial insight into our audience so you can get to know who we’re talking about and where this data is coming from:

Age Range

ABLS Age Demographics

As you can see, over 40% of our audience is between the ages of 25-34, and just under 30% of our audience is between the ages of 18-24. Collectively that means that almost 70% of our audience is between the ages of 18-34, meaning our content and resources are getting consumed by the part of the population that’s likely just starting, building and developing their lifelong careers.

We’ve discussed before why entrepreneurship is so important, especially now that jobs, even specialized ones, are becoming more and more automated, so it’s reassuring to see that the demographic of individuals whose job security is under the biggest threat is the most interested and engaged in learning more about entrepreneurship – which is likely going to be an important skill going forward in the decades to come.

Male/Female Demographic Breakdown

ABLS Male and Female Demographic

Our audience is divided into a 60/40 split of men and women who consume our content. We expect and hope that this divide may even out to an equal 50/50 split in the coming years.

Location of Visitors

ABLS Visitor Demographics

As expected, the vast majority of our monthly visitors are located in the United States and no surprise that the majority of our monthly readers comes from predominantly English speaking countries, as our website is targeted to English speakers and Western business models and practices.

Have a Business vs. Don’t Have a Business Yet

Ecommerce Business Owners and Non Owners

The results of this question were a happy surprise for us as the amount of our audience members who currently have an ecommerce business since our last annual survey has nearly doubled.

Our goal with A Better Lemonade Stand is to encourage our audience members to start their own ecommerce business – whether it’s just a side hustle or to fully replace their day job – by providing practical and actionable advice, tools and resources to help them build, launch and grow their own business. The difference between last year’s result (20% of our surveyed audience members currently had their own ecommerce business) to this year’s, shows us that either directly or indirectly we may be achieving our goal and helping our audience members to start their own businesses. We hope that this percentage continues to rise.

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