LeEco's next trick is a crowdfunded electric scooter

Struggling Chinese conglomerate LeEco has resurfaced with an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, of all things, for a hybrid skateboard-scooter. The Scooterboard, as it’s known, is a lightweight, foldable, electric lean-to-steer rideable with a stated maximum speed of 15.5 mph and a range of 9.3 miles. The design features a single curved handle with three wheels that kind of looks like your grandparent’s orthopedic crutch. Designers say that the idea originated when the team members struggled to ride electric skateboards — the Scooterboard, they say, can be learned in “a single session.”

The rideable has dual brakes — both an electronic brake and a mechanical one. The handle allows riders to control the throttle and the electric brake with one hand, and its tires are what the company calls “explosion proof.” There’s no such disclaimer for the battery however, which have a history of exploding on rideables like electric skateboards and hoverboards.

LeEco expanded into smart phones, smart bikes, and electric cars last year, but laid off most of its US workforce in May because of funding issues. Launching a Kickstarter campaign to help with marketing and funding makes sense then, assuming it can actually fulfill orders.

The Kickstarter will launch on August 29, and will have a funding goal of $25,000. There’s no word yet on pricing, but we’ve reached out to the company for more details.

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