The popular photo blog Humans of New York is becoming a Facebook TV series

Humans of New York, the popular photo blog dedicated to documenting intimate moments with people from around the world, is becoming a 30-minute TV show. The series will live in Facebook’s recently redesigned video platform Watch, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The partnership makes sense for Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton, who found a huge audience on the social network. Stanton first launched the series as a blog in 2010, but leveled up into the mainstream once he created Facebook and Instagram pages. The HoNY Facebook page currently has more than 17 million followers.

Video will bring an added depth to each interview

Although Stanton usually only interviews unknown people in public spaces, the blog has recently started to bring celebrities into the fold. This spring, HoNY covered the Met Gala. Last September, it featured a story from then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Stanton told THR that moving to video felt like “a natural evolution” for the blog. The posts are sometimes sweet or unexpected, effortlessly capturing bits of wisdom from people who often don’t have a platform to share their ideas. Video interviews could potentially emphasize the intimacy and depth of these encounters.

Stanton began filming on-the-street interviews independently around four years ago, and only recently decided to team up with Facebook. Stanton told THR that two-thirds of his audience lives outside the United States, so it made sense to partner with Facebook for its global reach.

The new series, which will air weekly beginning next week, will include interviews with more than 1,200 people from around the world.

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